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Ways To Boost Focus & Limit Distractions in the Workplace

You look up, hours have gone by and you still haven't completed the one task you swore you'd finish that day - all thanks to little distractions like unnecessary emails or even discomfort at your desk. Thanks to COVID these typical workplace distractions are compounded by pets, family members, and the looming household chores that surround us as we work from home. MediCopy is six months into this WFH life so we’ve gathered some wonderful tips and tricks to making the most out of our workdays.

Make A Daily Plan Of Action

It's beneficial to lay out exactly what you have going on for the day, so you can make a plan of action and fit items where needed. Prioritizing and blocking off time for tasks will ensure that you remember to stay focused on one thing until it is time for the next. Doing this also adds variety, so you don't get sucked into one project for so long that you lose drive and enthusiasm to finish. At MediCopy, everyone's daily schedule can be found in our Align program, so all team members are on the same page with every employee's daily schedule, including meetings and tasks.

Create Email Groups

Ever walk into work to 100 new emails after you just cleaned out your inbox the day before? The majority of those emails have absolutely nothing to do with you, but alas, you're on the infamous "In House" email list. Now your morning is spent sifting through these emails, searching for the ones that actually pertain to you. A way MediCopy decided to tackle this issue in our own office was quite simple: separate email groups were created, so each email can go to the appropriate team member(s) in the office. The "In House" emails still exist, but only for items that pertain to every single person in the office.

Protect Body + Posture

It seems silly, but your body position can make all the difference in how well you focus throughout the workday. Bad posture and cramped extremities from an uncomfortable chair or desk never make for productive work time. We have found that using higher sitting desks with taller chairs aid in better back posture. Taller desks are also wonderful for standing if you need a change from sitting in a chair all day. When you are sitting, make sure your feet and back are supported!

Declutter Your Space

A clean desk is a happy desk. Really though, decluttering your work area every so often will keep you from imagining you are drowning in tasks and memos. You can come into work every morning feeling refreshed with a clean desk and a clear mind. Don't forget to disinfect when you declutter, that fresh scent can be so energizing.

Take Notes!

In any meeting or huddle you have, if able, take plenty of notes. With a full agenda, 30 minutes after a meeting you may start to forget details that were discussed in the said meeting. Keeping notes is a simple and efficient way to alleviate scrambling to remember all talking points and your own mental notes from that meeting.

Break + Recharge

These days, most office jobs require some (if not all) of your time in front of a computer screen. While technology is incredible and much-needed, spending hours looking at a computer can do a number on your vision, your joints and your body. To keep from getting lost in what you are working on, it is suggested that every hour to hour and a half, you should get up from your desk for 5 minutes or so and walk around to stretch. You'll be amazed at what a few minutes away from your computer can do for your focus. We hope you enjoy these tips from MediCopy’s work from home team to yours, we’re in this together!