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If your healthcare provider has partnered with MediCopy for release of information or disability/FMLA form completion services, we are here to ensure a smooth process and compassionate customer service! 

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Promote positivity and compassion, treating all patients as our #1 priority.

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About MediCopy

MediCopy is a business associate of select healthcare providers partnered to handle various aspects of Health Information Management. We operate under all federal regulations and HIPAA guidelines to protect your privacy and ensure the security of your information every step of the way. We are dedicated to streamlining communication between your providers and your authorized representatives to assist you in receiving the care you need.

Wonderful job by MediCopy - great customer service. Thanks again for all of the hard work!

Requesting medical records or having a disability/FMLA form completed can be confusing or even frustrating, but our team strives to do everything we can to help you understand the entire process. We understand that your records or form must be delivered quickly and safely, which is why we provide the highest level of protection and urgency to every request we receive.

MediCopy's staff is friendly and professional and everyone is always extremely helpful and informative.

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MediCopy's team is full of friendly, professional individuals that are eager to help throughout the process. Our core business model revolves around your care – so let us know if we may assist you in any way. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.