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MediCopy - What is MediCopy and what exactly do they do?

MediCopy is a Health Information Management Service Provider that partners with healthcare facilities to release copies of medical records and complete Disability and FMLA forms.

MediCopy - Why did my doctor’s office choose MediCopy to handle the release of my medical records and/or the completion of my forms?

Many healthcare facilities find that they save time, money, and resources when partnering with an outside company for health information management. Medicopy’s focus is handling medical records and FMLA + Disability form completion which means a faster turnaround time and higher levels of security and compliance.

Medical Records - Why do I have to sign an authorization form? Where do I get the authorization form?

Under HIPAA, a signed authorization is required to fulfill a request for your medical records. For your security, the authorization must be completed in its entirety. If sections of the authorization form are incomplete, we will be unable to fulfill your request, therefore delaying the process of obtaining your medical records. MediCopy is only authorized to release the medical records based on the information entered into “WHERE ARE THE RECORDS GOING” Any changes to the recipient of the medical records will require a new authorization.

MediCopy has an online authorization that can be completed and submitted here. If you are in person at your doctor's office you should be able to complete an authorization there!

Medical Records - I submitted my authorization, what happens next?

If you submitted your authorization on MediCopy’s website, received your confirmation email and clicked confirm, please allow us a couple of days to process and send out your records! If you completed the authorization at the doctor’s office they will forward it to MediCopy for processing. It may take them a day or two to get it to us and then we will process it in two business days! An Account Manager will then retrieve the requested medical records directly from your electronic medical record (EMR). If payment is required, the invoice will be billed to the appropriate party prior to sending the records. If payment is not required, records will be immediately released to the designated party per your authorization.

Medical Records - What is the charge for copies of medical records?

As patients are our number one priority, when records are to be delivered via email, there will be no charge. If paper records are to be mailed a small charge to cover postage and paper may be charged. Please be aware that this is only for patients receiving their own records for personal use.

MediCopy - How can I pay my invoice?

Invoices may be paid online by clicking here. You may also chat with us online to make payment, or mail a check filled out to MediCopy, or call to pay over the phone. Phone payments are free for patients but are subject to a $10.00 convenience fee for third party requestors.

Disability + FMLA Form Completion - Why do I have to sign an intake form? Where do I get the intake form?

The intake form acts as a cover sheet so MediCopy can match the blank Disability or FMLA form with the correct patient. It also allows the patient to indicate where the completed paperwork should be sent. As a bonus the intake form doubles as an authorization in case medical records need to be released with your form. 

MediCopy has an online intake form that can be completed and submitted here. If you are in person at your doctor's office you should be able to complete an intake form there!

Disability + FMLA Form Completion - What is the charge for completion of Disability + FMLA forms?

Pricing may vary depending on the doctor's office. MediCopy charges for the time, labor, and supplies associated with completing these forms within three business days.

For further clarification on pricing, please don't hesitate to chat with us online or contact us at 866-587-6274 x 213.

Disability + FMLA Form Completion - How do I see the completed form?

If you would like a copy of the completed form emailed to you, we will gladly do that as well as send a copy directly to the disability company or your employer. Please provide an email on the intake form or directly on the form with a note to have a copy sent to you.

Already turned in your form? Just chat with us using the button on the bottom right with your name and email so that we can have a copy to you once it is ready.


If you have any additional questions, you may contact our office during our normal business hours.