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MediCopy saves healthcare providers time, money, and stress associated with Release of Information, Audit Support, and Disability + FMLA Form Completion.

We strive to make our clients’ HIM experience as enjoyable as possible by providing simple and secure solutions. We don’t believe you should be bogged down by endless paperwork, hounding requestors, or relentless status calls. Our aim is to create a remote, straightforward, and efficient system for both clients and requestors, securely completing each request within HIPAA and HITECH guidelines.

All of MediCopy's clients are met with a unique customer service experience as they are able to connect directly with a representative whenever needed. There are no call centers or webs of automated directions to sort through. With MediCopy, you’ll only talk to live people able to provide real answers. No unnecessary transfers or checking with a supervisor, all MediCopy teammates are empowered to make a change and keep your people happy.

How are we able to do this? By focusing on being the BEST, not the biggest.

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Release of Information

MediCopy takes a new approach to traditional ROI services by offering innovative remote support to patients, requesting parties, and HIM departments alike. We guarantee all clients quicker turnaround times, exceptional security standards, and absolute transparency. Learn More.

Disability + FMLA Form Completion

MediCopy’s experienced clinical staff will complete all forms submitted to your office. We guarantee your patients will receive their completed disability/FMLA and insurance claim forms without delay, increasing patient satisfaction and engagement. Physicians will spend less time on paperwork, allowing them to devote more attention to your patients and their needs. Learn More.

Audit Submission + Support

Along with traditional ROI, MediCopy will reproduce all PHI requested for RAC and health insurance carrier audits for your facility. Our team of ROI Specialists are experienced in the submission requirements outlined by each auditor and submit all requests in a timely manner to avoid delay in reimbursement and aid in full compliance. We also utilize esMD software for the electronic submission of all RAC audits, providing a quick and easy method to track the submission and receipt of audits. Learn More.


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