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This month our Employee Spotlight goes to Andrew Judson! He has been with MediCopy for almost two years and is currently a senior ROI Account Manager. Andrew's favorite MediCopy Core Value is "Personal and Professional Growth". He thinks it is "always important to continuously work on oneself, to recognize your value as an employee, and to continually push yourself to get better every day. At work and at home, even if you think the action or step you take may be small, any step towards a better you is a step in the right direction."

Andrew's favorite part of working at MediCopy is the diversity and ability for personal expression. "No matter what age, race, creed, or background you come from MediCopy is open and welcoming to all. MediCopy encourages everyone to collaborate together, even during COVID times, we can openly communicate with one another. At MediCopy, you're encouraged to gain the proper skills and knowledge so that you are able to effectively work and accelerate at your career."

We are very lucky to have you on our team, Andrew! Thank you for all of your hard work!