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Lanier London

Meet Lanier London, ROI Account Manager at MediCopy! Lanier has been with MediCopy for over two years! Lanier most identifies with the MediCopy Core Value 'Offer Open and Honest Communication' "Since being here at Medicopy I have always been able to share my thoughts and feelings rather it be professional or personal. This is the first place I've worked where not only are our customers #1 priority but also the employees."

"There are a variety things that I like about working for Medicopy, so I can't just name one. Flexible work hours, being able to work virtually, having a supportive CEO that realizes his employees are his greatest asset, are just to a few of my favorites about Medicopy."

"I have a large Lion tattoo that covers the left side of my arm, and there's a reason for that. The Lion is not the biggest, the fastest, not even the smartest, but he is the king of the jungle and what separates him from the others is his mindset. That's the unique fact about me, when I look in the mirror I see a KING."

Lanie, you are a KING and Team MediCopy is better because you're on it. Thank you for your hard work and persistence.