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When do I need to submit a request for medical records?
A request is always needed when medical records are being requested.

How long will the process of obtaining medical records take?
Once we receive the request, we can typically process the request within 24-72 hours. However, many factors can affect the turnaround time from facility to facility.

  • The records being requested may need to be requested from a storage facility. Retrieving records from "storage" can be time-consuming as some storage facilities are not "on-site".
  • Some facilities require the releasing doctor to "sign off" or "approve" the release of records.
  • The records being requested are kept in paper form and we only visit the facility once a week to scan requests/records.
  • The request is incomplete/missing information.

How will my records be sent?
Your records will be sent to you in the form that was specified on the request. If this was not specified, you may experience delays in receiving your records.

I have already completed a request/authorization in the past. Do I need to resubmit for new requests?
Yes, each time new/updated records are needed, patients must complete/sign a new authorization.

How do I submit an authorization to have my records released?
Depending on the facility, patients can either complete MediCopy's online authorization, complete an authorization at their doctor's office, or an authorization form can be mailed.

I have completed an online request on your website. Have you received it? Will I be notified once it is completed?
Once you have submitted the request online, you will receive an email confirmation of the authorization that you have signed. We do not provide additional notifications once the request is complete.