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This week, MediCopy has begun a subtle introduction of our brand new logo design. While we wait on the completion of our new and improved website (to launch in November of this year), you will start seeing this updated MediCopy logo design appear on our social media outlets, emails, materials, etc. By the beginning of 2015, we hope to completely eliminate our old design and start the year fresh, with the new design being displayed on all MediCopy outlets. Below you can view the comparisons between the two logos and read about the changes taking place.







As you can see above, the new, design is much simpler and eliminates the hyphen from our company name. We have also dropped the "simple. secure. solutions." from the main logo, but you may still see it in other MediCopy materials in the future. The new logo incorporates speech bubbles to represent the four major areas of service: Release of Information, Form Completion, Audit Services, and EHR Conversion. These bubbles, signifying the health information exchange between MediCopy and its clientele, also form a medical cross with the center, negative space. We are very excited for all of the upcoming changes happening at here at MediCopy.